Professor Jeff Apland, now Emeritus Professor Jeff Apland

November 23, 2021

Jeff Apland was hired in the Ed Schuh era and arrived in the department in December of 1980.  He had earned his PhD from Purdue University and spent a short time on the faculty at the University of Kentucky before joining our faculty.  Jeff’s consistent professional focus—in his undergraduate and graduate teaching, his research, and his thesis supervision—was on production economics and applied mathematical programming. His first PhD student was Harry Kaiser, who expressed his gratitude to Jeff in his Acknowledgements: “the guidance, support, and substantial amount of time he devoted to me is surpassed only by his patience and enthusiasm.”

That combination of patience and enthusiasm really captures Jeff’s approach and led to steady and meaningful contributions in teaching, research, and mentorship throughout his career.  As a teacher, Jeff’s classes always have been characterized by his precise lecture notes and presentations and by examples that are simple, clear and enlightening. As a researcher, Jeff has been a valued collaborator, especially in interdisciplinary work that adds an economic dimension to the analysis of physical production processes and spatial relationships. As a mentor, Jeff always has been available to students and colleagues, and the impact of these one-on-one interactions was extended significantly during his terms as a major coordinator and director of graduate studies.

Jeff chose a retirement date that seemed fitting—December of 2020—forty years after his arrival.  Best to him and Babette in the years ahead!