About Us

In the Department of Applied Economics, we bring economics to life: with you, for you. 

We believe in the power of evidence and economic thinking to help people make smart decisions.

Training future leaders to solve real-world problems
Give us any problem in the world right now, and we’ll show you how applied economics helps you think about it in a new and more informed way. We will challenge you to think differently to solve complex problems, preparing you to bring that knowledge to the communities you will serve.

Economic thinking is at the core of our curriculum, and it’s brought to life in course projects, co-curricular activities and internships. From playing Commodity Challenge using real-time price data to developing a comprehensive marketing plan for a sustainably sourced Mayan superfood, students gain meaningful skills in data analysis and optimization. And, because getting the answer is not enough, students are coached to work together and communicate their insights so others can put them to use.

Making an impact through cutting-edge research
Research in our department cuts across all areas of peoples’ lives, improving everything from the lakes they swim in, to the food they eat, to the viability of the businesses in their community. We work with big datasets that present opportunities to work across disciplines to answer new questions and better address long-standing ones. At the heart of our research is a focus on improving the world through informed decisions about the economics at play in our daily experiences. 

The work that happens in the Department of Applied Economics affects the world. We regularly partner with governments, NGOs, and international organizations to evaluate their existing programs and inform the design of new ones. Our legacy of international engagement is strengthened by our student body, who come from around the globe to learn from our world-class researchers. 

Join us and make your own impact!