Development and Trade Economics

The Development and Trade Economics field is concerned with the application of modern economic theory to international problems of trade, growth, and development. Topics include: macroeconomic and microeconomic dimensions of development as well as the economics of growth, and the international flows of goods, services, and factors of production.

M.S. Courses

  • ApEc 5721. Economics of Science and Technology Policy. 3 cr.
  • ApEc 5731. Growth, Technology and Development. 3 cr.
  • ApEc 5751. Agricultural Trade and Trade Policy: Issues and Analysis. 3 cr.

Ph.D. Courses

  • ApEc 8701. Trade and Development I. 2 cr.
  • ApEc 8702. Trade and Development II. 2 cr. 
  • ApEc 8703. Trade and Development III. 2 cr. 
  • ApEc 8704. Trade and Development IV. 2 cr. 

Students should expect to complete all four courses with a grade point average of at least 3.3.