Production and Marketing Economics

The Production and Marketing Economics field focuses on the nature of economic organizations and how they behave under different market and regulatory conditions. Topics include: the characterization of production and cost relationships, decision theory, organizational design, asset valuation and investment decisions, factor and product market structure, and the impacts of policies and institutions on resource allocation decisions and economic performance.

M.S. Courses

  • ApEc 5401. Intermediate Market and Price Analysis. 3 cr.
  • ApEc 5481. Futures and Options Markets, 3 cr.
  • ApEc 5811. Cooperative Organization. 3 cr.

Ph.D. Courses

  • ApEc 8801. Applied Production Theory. 3 cr.
  • ApEc 8802. Financial Economics. 2 cr.
  • ApEc 8803. Marketing Economics. 2 cr.
  • ApEc 8804. Managerial Economics. 2 cr.

Students should expect to complete any three of these four courses, for at least 6 credits, in preparation for the Field Examination.